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Business and Industry

Busines Business

Bancroft is home to Triple "C" Products, Inc., established in 1971. The company manufactures agricultural implements and employs 12 people. Major nonmanufacturing employers include Bancroft Rosalie Schools which employs 36; the local restaurant and lounge, Country Pub, employing 20; Renz Electric, plumbing, heating and electric contracting employing 15; and Ru-de's Mini-Mart which employs 10.

Other major area employers employing 100 or more include:

Industrial Development Industrial Development

The village of Bancroft works towards industrial development in the community.   The price of land surrounding Bancroft ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per acre.

Utilities Utilities


Retail electrical service is provided to the village of Bancroft by Nebraska Public Power District. Contact Nebraska Public Power District's Oakland office at (402) 685-5022 for further information regarding electric rates and service.

The Cuming County Public Power District, a wholesale power customer of Nebraska Public Power District, serves the rural area surrounding Bancroft. For information regarding electrical services in Cuming County Public Power District's service area, contact Cecil Woodka, West Point, (402) 372-2463.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is distributed in Bancroft by Black Hills Energy. For more information contact (888) 890-5554.


The municipal water system in Bancroft is supplied by three wells. Groundwater is available for industrial uses. The quality of water in Bancroft does not require a water treatment plant.


Bancroft has a municipal sanitary sewerage system and a storm sewer system. The activated sludge treatment plant was built in 1965.

Solid Waste Disposal

Privately owned waste removal services are available in Bancroft. Wastes are hauled to privately owned landfills in the area.

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